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arthur einstein

Good idea Iz. Real problem I'd anticipate is how to describe the problem. The big issue I have searching on line is describing what I'm looking for. It's not trivial. I had agonies with my first spreadsheet before I learned from a friend that adding a column required the command "sum" and not "add" - silly me.


Speaking of lifestreams -- it's hard to subscribe to your feed if you don't give headlines to your posts, because then the newsreader doesn't know what to display as the link. At least, it confuses Google....


Arthur - I agree that knowing the right keywords is a key (yeah, I know) part of doing Internet research. It can be hard coming up with them if you don't know the topic well enough to know the lingo other people use. Frustrating! And Sam - you're right, this is a flaw with Typepad, they advertise this quick post feature that is supposed to compete with Twitter, and I was using it, but perhaps they haven't thought it through 100%. Maybe I should stop.

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